Corsair H60 Liquid CPU Cooler - Did I screw up?

I recently installed my first liquid cooler, and I'm not sure if this is to good to be true, or if something is wrong here.

So here is the temp about 40mins after my computer started and not under stress (just browsing on Firefox and such).
: http://

And here is the temp under lots of stress after about 55mins (Playing Arma 2 OA max settings)
: http://

I mean, my case is very well vented (2x 120mm fans on top, 2 on the front, and one on the bottom. besides the h60 fan on the back). But I didn't think I would be getting those good of temperatures.

Did I make a mistake? Or is this for real?
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  1. Your temperatures are very good. No need to worry.
  2. Run Prime95 and then take the temperatures.
  3. Okay! Thanks, and just for good measure here are the temperatures while running Prime95
  4. Okay you are good to go. Your temperatures are fine. But remember they will degrade over time as the cooler ages. Happy Gaming \m/
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