Windows 7 freezes after 5 minutes normally and works fine on safemode

Hello there.. I have a dell latitude e6510 with windows 7. It need major help. My laptop works fine on safe mode but as soon as I turn it to the normal mode it freezes after 5 minutes. Every thing hangs up except the mouse. I need to work urgently on a project using photoshop and I cant access that using safe mode. Please help me as soon as possible. I tried a various number of things but nothing worked.
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  1. Try a diagnostic boot (Start> Run> 'msconfig' > Diagnostic Boot). This will start windows with no third party services or startup items. If this boots no problem, then the problem is a service or startup item. In that situation, it's laborious, but the best thing to do is enable the services and start up items one by one (or group by group) to identify the culprit. You can then either leave the offending service/item disabled, or at least be better placed to fix it.
  2. Try to uninstall all the unnecessary drivers from your computer. You must check for Graphics at first place
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