Short burst of circuitry stink followed by lower observed CPU temps

OK, so I was gaming today when I was suddenly overwhelmed by burned circuitry stink. I started sniffing around, but after a few minutes the stink faded. What's weird is that I'm observing lower overall CPU temperatures after the incident, about 5-7°C lower on each core. Could it be indicative of some potential trouble? I would appreciate any explanations, because I wouldn't want my system throwing a nasty surprise my way one of these days.

I'm running i5 3570K, HD6870, asrock z77 pro3.
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  1. What are the rest of your specs, including the power supply?
  2. Deemo13 said:
    What are the rest of your specs, including the power supply?

    Power supply is thermaltake toughpower 750W I believe and hard drive is seagate baracuda sata3 1TB but that shouldn't be relevant. oh and 8GB RAM kingston hyperx. Other than tha I don't have anything else plugged in.
  3. Do you know where the smell is coming from?

    I mean, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  4. I know that my case (fractal r4) gives off a smell every now and then (although it smells like case, not burned circuits). Is it possible that it is something like this?
  5. It might be the case, youd have to trace down the problem.
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