how to make generic cartridges work on a HP photosmart c3180 printer

My colour refilled HP cartridge has stopped working and is no longer recognized by my C3180 Photosmart printer.

I have followed the advice about removing and disconnecting the printer, pressing on the "cancell" and "colour photocopy" buttons at the same time but with no results. The error light and the blinking colour photocopy button are still flashing.

Any tips ? Thanks, Roro
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  1. I don't know about that particular model but I tried refill cartridges in an HP printer and had to return them as they simply would not work. Where did you purchase the refills and have you used cartridges from them before?
  2. Hi, I have just solved the problem by cleaning and cleaning again the connexions on the cartridge with a damp Q-tip. Finally the printer recognized it.
    I have been refilling cartridges for about four years now with excellent results, other than this problem (at about one tenth of the cost of "official" cartridges).
    Thanks for you answer.
  3. I'm glad you got it solved. I'll keep the cleaning note in mind the next time someone posts with a similar problem.
  4. excellent answer.. just clean the tips of the cartridge as well as the place which holds the cartridge inside your printer with a cloth or something.. IT WORKED FOR ME!
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