is this a good gaming laptop??! quality/price

hello tom's hardware community!
i am thinking about buying a new laptop especially for gaming. after a bit of research i found one which is affordable and seems good too me.
but before i make a mistake i wanted to ask about your oppinion! :)

the laptop:

ASUS r510cc-xx520h 0813cz 5vn
intel core i5-3337u 3rd generation 1,80ghz
(up to 2,70ghz with intel turbo-boost-technology 2.0, 3mb intel-smart-cache)
1000gb harddrive
8gb RAM
nVidia GeForce GT720M 2GB (is this a good graphic card??)

max display: 1.366 x 768p

windows 8 (64-bit)

for 599€

would it handle games like
assassins creed
call of duty
etc,. on the best graphic settings?? and would they run smoothly??

Thank you so much!
Jawa ;)
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  1. It can handle the following games on 1920x1080 medium-high 60 fps or higher
    It can handle the following games on 1920x1080 low-medium 60 fps or higher
    Crysis (CryENGINE is a pretty heavy engine)
    Battlefield 3 (The frostbite engine is also a really heavy engine)
  2. ok thank you very much! :)
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