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I have an intel i5 2500k currently OCed to 4.2Ghz which idles at 31 degrees C and at full load is around 70 degrees C with a hyper 212 air cooler. The temps are ok but the problem is the fan on the cpu cooler is SO LOUD. I want a very very quiet maybe silent system. I'm thinking about getting an h100i with noctua fans running in pull. I was going to build a custom water cooling kit but i'm a noob to water cooling and have never done it and don't want to ruin my parts!
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  1. The Corsair H100i or the H80i would be good choices and you can also get the Corsair SP fans which are for radiators anyway.

    Only 23dBA and that's pretty quiet.
  2. If you're all about monitoring and controlling, I too would suggest an H80i or H100i. Both offer great performance and CorsairLink2 is very cool. You can set your fan speeds manually by RPMs to control the sound/performance ratio to your liking. However if the Noctua fans aren't 4 pin fans, there may be issues controlling the RPMs. You may want to just save a few bucks and not buy the expensive, ugly (although amazing performance) Noctua fans and just stick with the already pretty decent SP-120Ls that are included (which are 4 pin).
  3. I picked up a H70 Core for $50 on Tiger direct not long ago, so I would advise you to look out for deals. If you don't care about price, I would grab an NZXT Kraken X60, its a 280mm, so make sure it would fit your case.
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