Lenovo Reveals Vibe X Smartphone, S5000 Tablet

Here are two more devices Lenovo revealed this week in Berlin.

Lenovo Reveals Vibe X Smartphone, S5000 Tablet : Read more
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  1. I got excited when I read Lenovo phone. I thought would carry Intel chip with much much larger more reliable battery and 3gb of ram.
  2. a built-in FM radio (seriously, why can't all phones have this)

    Because the North American carriers love to cap data, and they're vertically integrated, so they sell you services (like digital radio) that consume bandwidth and double-charge you!!!

    My Xperia Arc had an FM radio and I used it all them time. When I switched to an S3 that was one of the things I missed the most - other region's S3's have an FM radio!!!
  3. Wow, I do very much like Lenovo, and I didn't know they were getting in the smart phone game.
  4. Needs to be 1.8ghz+ and 32/64GB. 16GB needs to die. :)
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