d-link 2750B modem has to be turned on & off every 5 mins to get back to internet access must be faulty right?

modem is on & working but about 5 mins later i can't open up any new tabs & even the internet light on the modem is still solid when usually that light shuts off or goes red if no internet connection thru this modem happens. This was just sent to me 2 days ago from verizon cuz my other modem was having problems with connection but not every 5 mins so this new modem sent to me is actually worse than the old one which i still have & have contacted verizon already about this but they have to go thru their protocol so I'd like to know how I can put my old modem a westell 7500 back on while waiting for this problem to me fixed. thanx
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  1. You can start by just trying to hook it back up after disconnecting the new one. If you do not receive an IP address, odds are Verizon has you registered for the MAC address (Hardware address) for the new modem. Just call up the customer support and tell them you would like to go back to your old modem, and they will ask for the MAC address if they don't still have it on file, or the serial number off the bottom of the modem.

    Verizon is usually pretty good about prompt service, at least in my area. If you call back and ask to speak with a manager, explain the situation and perhaps you will either get someone out there ASAP or some $$ off the bill for the inconvenience.
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