Acer AX1920 UR20P PSU/Video card Upgrade

I have a question, I bought, Antec BP500U BASIQ 500W 20 Pin ATX Power Supply to upgrade my existing 220W PSU in my AX1920 Aspire.
It did not work, why?

I have a few questions, would a Antec Neo HE500 High Efficiency Modular Gaming ATX 500 Watt work instead?

or would a
Silverstone Strider SST-ST40F-ES 400W Power Supply work?

Im planning on installing a radeon hd 7700 or diamond series
video card as well.

Im not concerned about
space for fitment

update: also I just looked at a Cit 500W Micro Atx PSU Power Supply that seems to have been approved to work

is this a good one that'll work?
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  1. First dont use ebay to purchase power supplies better off going through newegg/tigerdirect/ncix etc. Also the antec neo isnt bad, the silverstone isnt either but the cit seems like an unknown brand and might be bad quality. Newegg has a corsair cx500m thats partially modular for $55 the quality and stuff is there. If ur on a budget i think corsair, antec, seasonic sell good 450+ psus that meet budgets.

    Id go with a radeon hd 7770 as u can get one for around $100, or a sapphire 7790 as u can get it for like $130
  2. cool I just bought the 430w corsair on newegg
  3. just looked at the model pc u gave and being a non standard size case the corsair one prob wont fit, i know u said u didnt care about the space but letting u know
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