Adding a storage disk to RAID 0

I have a RAID 0 setup and would like to add additional internal storage not associated with the RAID setup. Is there anyway to do this without using an external drive?
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  1. Sure, just attach it to a SATA port and then initialize it in disk management with either MBR or GPT (if over 2TB) to format.
  2. Do what RealBeast says. The thing you don't seem to know is that, when you connect any new HDD to your machine, it is NOT part of any RAID setup already running. No HDD becomes a part of a RAID array unless you specifically assign it to RAID using the RAID management utilities in you BIOS. So the new HDD you attach is automatically just a plain stand-alone SATA HDD. Like any other new HDD, it will require Initialization via Disk Management as RealBeast said.
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