Enabling Windows 7 wireless Network Connection

I have recently purchased a D-link AC1200, running desktop Windows 7 64-bit with a Netgear wireless modem. I installed the drivers from the Dlink website, device appears under devices, disabled. Unable to enable through network connections. Other wireless devices on network working fine. Seems to be a common problem but I cannot see a comprehensive answer in any of the forums for a non-tech like me!
I have restarted the modem, computer, turned off antivirus and updated drivers using Windows update.
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  1. Quote:
    Other wireless devices on network working fine.

    Other routers? This would be a conflict -- you can only have 1 router on a home network.

    You shouldn't be enabling or disabling a router through devices on the PC. Was there a disk included? Are you connecting to the router via WiFi?
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