Asus Realtek audio problems Windows 7

I messed up my last thread by not knowing what the problem was and thus people focused on the wrong thing so I will start again.

On the reach of the computer, built into the motherboard is 6 ports to my Realtek sound board. They all work... HOWEVER

They only work if set to "5.1 speaker fill" or "7.1 speaker fill". If I don't do that, only the rear and centre speakers work. The fact that I can get sound when I set it to "Speakers fill" means they jacks work but for some reason they don't want to work when they are set to default. I don't want to use "Speaker fill" because the audio sounds all hollow then.

I am using Windows 7 and my motherboard is an Asus M5A97 R2. I have the latest drivers for my realtek sound processor off their official website. I have tried removing the drivers and reinstalling them but it hasn't changed a thing. What I do know is that the sound worked fine 2 weeks ago when I different speakers plugged to them and now that I am using a Creative 5.1 they have stopped working. In fact no speakers or headphones I plug to the Green jack on the back of the computer work unless I set it to "Speaker Fill".

Please help.
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  1. I just spoke to the people at the Asus Live Chat Support and they believe it is probably a chipset issue. What will that entail I do if I want to fix this?
  2. I solved the problem.
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