No power to monitor keyboard and mouse after new psu an gpu

Just fitted a xfx pro650w and a gigabyte radeon 7850. Turn comp on all fans an lights come on yet no monitor mouse or keyboard, also looks like the gpu fans Arent runniv, checked connections multiple time and even put the old gpu in an the same happened. Possibly a dodgey psu? Thanks.
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  1. Also looks like the processor fan isnt running either
  2. Also looks like the processor fan isnt running either
  3. Almost same problem here. Hello Everyone,

    I was really excited by receiving my new Nvidia Geforce gtx 760 MSI GPU and 2x 4 GB Crucial Ballistix RAM.

    I unplugged my old GPU and added my 2 RAM sticks, then the monitor gave no signal and later on I discovered the keyboard and mouse didn't either.

    I plugged my old GPu back in but those things wouldn't work again, I also removed my new RAM and placed my old RAM back in the same slot.

    HDMI, VGA and DVI don't give signals aswell... I've also tryed new VGa cable and a new monitor but nothing changed. There must be something wrong in the motherboard even though I've also placed both GPU's in the other GPU slot aswell...

    We also connected the VGA to the motherboard but nothign happened aswell... I think something in the motherboard is broken or something but Before I changed the GPu and RAM it worked perfectely fine...

    Can anybody please help me with my problem, I'm a real noob :S...

    Trust me I've tryed every combination of Gpu Ram and cables USB ports name it...

    Maybe there is something wrong with the CMOS battery. And It might also be good to know that I've unplugged several things while the PC was on power ( which probally ain't that smart :D )...

    I would really really appreciate any help!!!! :)
    My motherboard:
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