4GB VRAM on 256bit Cards. Can Someone Finally Set The Record Straight For Me?

First off, let me say I'm in the market for a GPU, for my first build (gaming emphasis). I'm going to be doing all of my gaming at 1080p (at least for now), so keep that in mind during the discussion.

In my search for the "perfect" graphics cards, I've come to a decision that my price point will limit me to the following (or similar): GTX 770 2GB, GTX 770 4GB, or HD 7970 GHz edition. I was planning on the 770 2GB until this came out yesterday:

Now, I'm not so crazy about BF4 that I NEED to run it on Ultra, with max AA, etc., but I do want to play the game, and I do want it to look the best it can for my price range. I also want to "futureproof" my machine, at least for the next 10-12 months.

Anyway, the issue that I need clarified is this:
While a GTX 770 2GB or 4GB is a faster card, producing more FPS, is it limited in the sense that it is only a 256bit card, while the 7970 3GH is a 384-bit card (allowing more bandwidth?). I guess what I'm asking is the VRAM bottlenecked (slightly?) in the 770's because of the cards' bandwidth?

Any help in straighening out this issue for me would be greatly appreciated, I think there are several newbies around here trying to figure out the same thing.
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  1. relax you need 3 gb vram for 4k resolution 2gb is more than enough for 1080p
  2. fastkiller23 said:
    relax you need 3 gb vram for 4k resolution 2gb is more than enough for 1080p

    Cheers, and I figured that the "recommended" settings are geared more towards gamers using 4k, I know it's basically the new standard. I guess I'm still scratching my head over the differences, but I suppose it's not that big of a deal.
  3. look, buy a new 1080p screen and 680 or 770 i saw a benchmark from bf4 680 got 9 fps better than 7970 i forgot turn aa off because in 1080p is overkill and yes 4k is for those they had money to spent in my country you get a decent 1080p monitor with 150 euros sweet dreams!
  4. And if you play Skyrim with tons of 4k texture mods?
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