Recently upgraded my computer Motherboard is asus F2 A55-M LE Cpu is amd A10 6700 Power supply is silent pro M 850W Video

And it worked great for about 4 days then I woke up ib the k orning and it woukd not turn on. I opened the case and the power stand by light is on on the motherboard so I peess the power buttob and the cpu fan starts to spin but stops and the computer doesn't start. What kind of issue could this be. I tried using my old power supply and it does the same thing
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  1. If starting with only CPU and CPU fan installed, is it the same?
  2. I have unplugged my video card and it boots right up now. And when I place the video card in the fan spins but when I plug in the power cables to the video card the computer will no longer start
  3. It might be a graphics card or a power supply issue. Try testing the card in a different PC.
  4. I have jo other pcs close by to test it in however with my old power supply it wouldn't start either
  5. Then try RMA-ing the graphics card.
  6. And my apologies I am asking these questions from my phone
  7. Just to make sure, does the system work without the graphics card, or not?
  8. Yes system works without the graphics card
  9. However I am getting no video through my onboard graphics card
  10. Could that indicate an issue with the motherboard all lights and fans work. Just get no video
  11. It means that the system starts but it doesn't boot/POSTs.
    Try clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes). After that start the board (without the graphics card inserted).
  12. Unplugged the battery for a few minutes put it back in and I still only get fans and motherboard light. No mouse or keyboard activity or lights
  13. New developement. I removed 1 of my sticks of ram and it booted up and I got video. So I wanted to testedif it was a bad slot I removed the ram put it in another slot then I recieved no power to the motherboard. I then placed the same one back into itsoriginal place which it started the computer and now I get no power at all
  14. False alarm I am just stressed and plugged in a wrong power cord. Butevrything works the only time it stops working is when I have my graphics card plugged to the power supply
  15. Why would it stop working if you plug the graphics card to power? Is that not how it is supposed to be? Or did you literally try to install the card in the power supply?
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