Format RAW hard drive to NTFS - tried everything so far

I bought an external hard drive enclosure today and plugged in a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1tb hdd.

The thing worked and I could access it and see some files that were on it. I tried to transfer some files onto it, and it didn't work, so I just tried formatting it, left it, and windows said that it could not be formatted.

Whenever I plug it back in, it says that the hard drive cannot be used until it is formatted. I tried the conventional method of formatting, disk management in 'my computer' and cmd disk check, but none worked. I don't have the means to connect the hard drive directly to a motherboard.

Can someone please suggest a solution, on how I can format this thing?

Some errors:
"The volume does not contain a recognized file system"
"The sytem must be formatted"
"Windows could not format..."

Thanks in advance
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  1. and I have no concerns for data recovery/loss.
  2. Can you see the drive's SMART report?

    You could use HD Sentinel or CrystalDiskInfo, for example.
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