I7 4770 vs I5 4670 strange gaming benchmarks

Hello, guys,

I know it has been asked a million times and from what I have read the I5 4670K is as sufficient for gaming as the I7 4770K, but I am not sure anymore. I looked for benchmarks that gave fps in games, since I am a gamer and don't care for CPU only benchmarks.
My research has shown very strange data, I am going to post two links to show what I mean:

Crysis 3 benchmarks

Battlefield 3 benchmarks

Can someone please explain to me why the I7 is a clear winner in some benchmarks while he is as good as the I5 in others?
Is it because of the used GPU?

Please help me decide between these two, I don't want to restrain my GTX670 but don't want to waste 90€ either.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. you can go with i5 4670... if you are tight on budget..and the thing about benchmark is ...it does not entirely depend upon the CPU or GPU.....there are many things that are considered to determine the exact FPS...
    p.s if you get the K version i.e i5 4670K you can overclock it and get the maximum out of it..in that case..you wont regret that u hav'nt bought i7... the thing is if you have the money get the i7..no issues with that obviously i7 4770 is better when it is compared to i5 @ stock..but i5 4670 is not that bad that u will regret..
  2. What do you mean there's a clear cut winner? Sure, you'll see that at lower resolution, especially in games like Crysis 3 and BF3 that can take advantage of more than 4 threads, but look at the difference at 1080p--it's minimal.
  3. Bought the I5, I think that buying the second best parts more often gives you an overall better pc than buying the best stuff rarely. Thanks for your help.
  4. Good choice, the i5 performs pretty much the same as the i7s but for 2/3rds the price creating a much better deal.

    I'm sure you already knew that though....
    Actually some of those benchmarks show that the i5 and i7 trade blow with the i7 coming up higher the most. Both are excellent CPUs however. Tom's Hardware cannot recommend anything more than an i5.

    Remember to choose a best answer!
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