I need help buying/setting up a home audio system!

Hey, I want to run a speaker system through 2 rooms of my house and have no idea where to start. I need something affordable (under $300) that can deliver some nice sounding tracks ranging from classic rock to electronic and dubstep. Having no idea where to start, I assume I'll need the stereo, an amp, 4 or more speakers (thinking 2 a room), and if theres room in the budget, maybe a sub for one room? Id love some suggestions or product lists that are compatible... Also and help on how to set this up..
Thanks so much!
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  1. Given that your budget is so low the only way I can see doing what you want is with used equipment. You would need a stereo receiver with connections for 2 pair of speakers (pretty common) and the speakers. Check your local thrift shop and Craigslist.
  2. Well, the first order of setting up a home audio system would be to find ample space where you would actually place the setup. A cramped up room can interfere with audio flow. Rest of the setup can depend on the corresponding budget.
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