Someone please review my FIRST build parts list!!

Hey Everyone,

So I'm in the process of putting my first build together (Budget of $3,000) and I'm really hoping someone is able to take a look at my list and tell me if everything seems alright with it? It is going to be both a Gaming rig and a Video editing rig.

I am completely open to suggestions, constructive criticism, and overall opinions. If anyone is willing to take a minute to look it all over and let me know what they think then I'd really appreciate it.

It might be easier for me to just post the link to my parts list but if anyone would rather I list them on here myself then just let me know. Thanks!
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  1. mhtsgr9 said:
    wow really nice RIG . :)
    but instead of a gtx 780 i would suggest u to go for HD 7990 :)
    price after rebate is $599.99 :D

    and here is the comparison with GTX 780..
    good luck :)

    Oh wow... Never even looked at the 7990. That's definitely a new thing to consider. Thank you for your input!!
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