Is This Amazon's New Kindle Fire HD?

Amazon has completely redesigned the Kindle Fire HD tablets.

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  1. They are really being aggressive with their hardware now. I was looking for nice midsized tablet and they both look really nice if they are competitively priced.
  2. A corner? We're supposed to be interested about a corner?
  3. Sure we are interested in corners, if they are rounded it could cost a billion dollars
  4. ....................................... YES IT IS! ...............................................
  5. power button, volume rocker adn speakers on the back... i get the speakers, but power button and volume ... pretty much going to have to buy a case for it then... setting it down might turn it off >_<
  6. I really like the Kindle fire HD I bought for my dad but I hate how restricted it is.. I guess I could install some modded firmware (or whatever they do) and run a regular android.

    Paid too much for it to ruin the warranty though.
  7. I had considered the Kindle Fire when I was looking for a small tablet but for me the lack of a micro-SD slot was a no starter. I ended up getting the Nook+ at Target for $149. Even though it is sold more as a e-reader than a tablet it is very easy to root and can be turned into a full tablet with no problem at all.

    For me not having a camera was not a big deal at all as I have a really nice camera in my phone anyway I do not need a 9" camera also. Had the Kindle had a sd slot I would have got one.
  8. I have the current kindle fire HD 7 inch, there's no way I'll ever buy another Amazon tablet, the interface is fucking terrible. I've rooted it and added the play store but it is still a pain in the ass to use and nothing ever works quite right.

    The Good:
    Amazon prime videos
    Amazon Freetime kids app(videos)

    The Bad:
    Almost every app requires a kindle specific version
    No play store
    No customization
    Limited storage
    No SD card
    Terrible interface
    Fucking Ads everywhere

    On the kindle freetime app the kids books are locked into a 2 page landscape view with tiny little text. While I can read the text(barely) neither my daughter nor my mother are able to, "this is controlled by the publisher and there is no way to adjust it" great, so if you're young enough to read kids books you can't, and if your're old enough to read them to your grandchildren, well you can't do that either? How about a zoom feature, it's 2013 surely a zoom feature is possible right? "this is controlled by the publisher and there is no way to adjust it"...Fuck you Amazon...

    Basically it plays video...Anything else has been neutered so badly that it's useless.
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