AMD FX-8350 vs. Intel i7 4770k ? which is better ?

okay this an old topic, but lets make it all clear. which is better?

-compare both CPU's
-DON'T SAY : it depends how you use your desktop, theres is no winner.
-Specs and features
-advantages and disadvantages

and tell who won ! thanks
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  1. Hate to say it, but it depends entirely on workload and OS/Compiler.

    Overall I'd expect 4770k to win out on Windows over a wider range of workloads. Linux is not as clear cut due to various compiler options/optimizations.
  2. Ruling out "no winner" is a little unreasonable. They aren't uniformly "better" than each other in the way that a Sandy Bridge i3 is simply not as good as a Haswell i5. I'm assuming you are knowledgeable enough to know the fundamental differences between AMD/Intel, but there is something that not as many people seem to know; that for video rendering, virtualization, and some other non-gaming boring stuff, AMD processors will, in many cases, be the winner because of the more cores, even if the individual performance of each one is lower. But of course, they are a lot of applications that I'm sure you're well aware of will have a better result. That's my 2 cents.
  3. FX 8350... I have been thinking over this for a month now, because tomorrow i am going to get my rig!!! just look at crysis 3 and some other future games like this one . go AMD!!!!
  4. Well if you are looking to save some money the fx 8350 has a better price to preformance than the i7. Apparently its cores will be more beneficial in the future for gaming. However if you are looking for video editing the i7 has hyperthreading, plus currently since most things on the computer are single threaded the i7 is currently better right now I am leaning for the Fx 8350 because I can spend more money on my overall computer (which I can upgrade from a 290 to 290x). So if you where looking for something that is a more current build go with intel i7 and a 780/ti but if you are looking more for the future amd pretty much wins if you want 4k considering the 290x wins in almost every game for 4k compared to the gtx 780/ti. But just on the cpu side if you aren't overclocking the i7 is definatley a lot better.
  5. The i7 is much better. That's why it costs much more.
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