I've just put together a system and I'm having trouble installing an OS.I've built PC's and setup a fresh install of windo

The z87 won't boot a windows DVD despite being priority in boot menu
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  1. The DVD might not be bootable. Try making a bootable USB drive, copy the Win files on it and install from USB (connect it to USB 2.0 port).
  2. The DVD is bootable, it works on an other machine.

    I only have a USB ext HD and I have backups of work on there that cannot be lost. If I could add a bootable install OS on there without loosing my files I would, but I don't know how (it's currently a NTFS format HDD)

    There is a setup DVD that came with the mobo but instead of doing what it says in the manual, it only takes me to freedos.
  3. You could have a bad DVD drive. I've encountered them with laptops and desktop. If you have a drive that does boot in another machine, try putting that drive into your new build. An external USB DVD drive will help. Could also be a bad memory module. Remove all memory but one stick.
  4. What motherboard and what SATA port (SATA 2 or SATA 3) is the DVD drive connected? If SATA 3, is the SATA cable 3.0 (using a SATA cable that came with the motherboard)?
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