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Hey guys, I'm building a gaming pc for my brother so he can finally experience the joy of pc gaming over console. He doesn't want to spend too much, around $1000 max for everything. He needs everything from OS and case to the peripherals. He wants my exact monitor, even though it's a big chunk of the budget. He also wants to play Crysis 3, Metro Last Light, and the upcoming BF4 on 1080p, decently high settings (high to very high), and with very playable fps. He also wants it to be very upgradable, so if he ends up really liking pc gaming, he can put more into the build to make it better without having to restart and get a new system. We would only like to buy from newegg and amazon. I have written up a build of what I thought might be good for him and would like you guys to look over it and tell me your thoughts. Thanks!
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  1. My recommendation: Get an Intel processor, and a XFX PSU. It will bring the price up a bit but if he ever wants to over clock he will need 750 watts, and the Intel processors are better. Go for an i5.
  2. Off topic, but how do you like your 4770K?
  3. I totally agree with the Intel vs AMD but I'm afraid for his budget, after getting an i5 and an Intel motherboard, it puts us quite a bit over budget. I'll definitely try talking him into spending the extra cash but I don't know what he will say for sure. Thanks for the feedback though! I will also look into a larger power supply for him. Any reason you prefer XFX PSUs or do you recommend any other brands? I've personally loved Seasonic and Corsair in the past.
  4. It honestly looks fine to me. The FX6300 is a great processor. XFX is a really good PSU brand. Some of the best that are made today (they might be made by Seasonic, I forgot)
  5. I believe you meant 3770k, but I absolutely love it! I get pretty good overclocks on just a hyper 212 and it runs nice and cool. I have found the extra threads very useful, but I still think most people are better off spending the extra $100 on the gpu, especially if it's primarily for gaming. Any specific reason you ask?
  6. Yes, XFX uses Seasonic to make their psu's, as well as Corsair. XFX is one of the best in the brand, and their modular design is amazing. The ProSeries has the most options for modular or not, and ranges from 400-1200watts, I think.

    I ask because I'm getting a 4770k when I build a PC
  7. I changed the power supply to a 850W Corsair for only $25 more.

    I looked at grabbing an XFX of at least 750W, but they were $50 more than the original PSU I chose, and I personally feel the money will be better off going somewhere else. Remember, this will be his first pc. He will be fine without a fully modular platinum 1200W XFX. But I totally get where you guys are coming from, I kinda wish I dished out more on my PSU when I got my build. Knowing him, he won't care one way or the other. But thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming!
  8. Ya Jacob, I am personally jealous of the 4770k because of the performance increase over my 3770k, and especially because I am currently not a huge overclocker. If you are big into overclocking or would like to be, you may want to look into the 3770k instead. If you're going with a full custom loop, grab the 4770k, they cool almost equally as well under water, just the 3770k is better at air cooling.
  9. Any last ideas of how to lower the price or get a better build for the buck?
  10. You could go with the Radeon HD7950 to save a couple bucks.
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