Gigabyte Updates BRIX PCs with Haswell Chips

Gigabyte has updated its Brix platform with fourth-generation Haswell chips.

Gigabyte Updates BRIX PCs with Haswell Chips : Read more
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  1. HTPC are meaningless today.
    Just have an AppleTV + a mac and stream you desktop via Airplay mirroring/extended desktop.
    Cheaper and better. I used to have 3 HTPCs. Now replaced by 3 sub 100 dollars Apple TV.
  2. Three $300 HTPC = $900. MINIMUM setup for three apple tv's and a mac computer is $900. I fail to see how they're meaningless. *Mac pricing based off of the mac mini, currently the cheapest mac possible.
  3. Interested in benchmarks...

    This would be exciting if you could add "laptop" discrete graphics cards to it. Tiny power = great gaming / HTPC.
  4. 1 HTPC + Roku and you can stream all your video content to any TV using Plex. Or swap the Roku for a Miracast or DLNA device if you must have an extended desktop. But yes, Apple does have it all under one roof so to speak.
  5. AppleTV is fine if you don't mind downgraded audio and limited file support. I prefer uncompressed HD audio and video myself, and one must jailbreak the AppleTV to get mkv support.
  6. Can PC games stream from a powerful gaming PC elsewhere to this NUC? This would be a better deal than an Nvidia Shield.

    I just asked Gigabyte about streaming, and if a future version might be capable of hosting "laptop" quality discrete video cards. Keep you posted...
  7. I have to agree, HTPCs are losing relevance. If you need a device to stream internet content there are dozens of options these days, including -$50 Droid Mini PCs. If you want to record TV (which this wouldn't do) then a network attached tuner would be able to provide for the entire family. NAS drives are getting to be commonplace, storage isn't a factor. Still too weak to play modern games very well. What function does this serve that isn't better served elsewhere? Maybe an emulator machine, but there's a limited audience for that.
  8. Since this is the only way I watch any kind of TV nowadays, this is totally worth checking out.I can't remember the last time I had cable or some kind of broadcast television.
  9. Did anyone else read that as "update brix pcs with haswell chips"?
  10. I'm deciding if to swap this model for the "older" BRIX 3227, which has a third generation i3 core at 1.9 ghz, slightly faster than this new 1.7 haswell. You can get a Brix 3227 as low as 280 in amazon. Not sure if this really represents an upgrade. So bottom line, will this new model be faster or at least as fast as the previous BRIX 3227?
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