will build my 1st pc need opinions please

Hello there guys, I was recommend that it's way cheaper to build my own pc as opposed to buying one already build, after comparing prices and doing a good amount of research on my own well it's true. However I wanna make sure that I do not overspend or under spend either.

What I wanna build is just a computer that can run wow or a few other mmo like swtor etc on high or ultra settings with good fps, and regular internet browsing as well. I will not be live streaming or multi-tasking either. However I do wan't the games to look good.

I read that WoW is more cpu oriented than Graphics card oriented but for cpu there is so many choices that have me utterly over thinking, Including the pricier intel pr cheaper amb. As well as what motherboard to get for each.

So to sum it all up I need help maybe an example specs from you guys or recommended specs to have a gaming pc. I don't plan to play graphic intensive games like battlefield 3 or crysis, just Wow or swtor or Diablo 3.

I don't wanna over pay hence pay for things that I won't use I wanna get something that is just right or at least close to rights to play the games good.

The biggest confusion for me in all of this is the cpu plus the motherboard, which one will be the good brain and soul for my pc. I am very inexperienced in all of this areas.

Thank you beforehand.
My budget is between $500 to $1000 Dollars

I don't have a monitor

World of warcraft ultra settings, Warcraft 3, Diablo 3, The old republic, Aion, best settings I can get for the rest besides wow.

I do not have any other special software in mind

windows 7

i do need a mouse keyboard and speakers

I don't want anything out of this world just something right or about right
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  1. this build ain't so bad
    or you can wait for someone to post the "default" intel build :D
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    Ehh that AMD build isnt gonna last that long or gonna run that fast. If you want som great Gaming PC go for the intel once and the gtx ones. You dont have to go higher than Gtx 760. And you dont need 4GB of vram. Trust me intel will last longer.
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