Microsoft Offering $200 For "Gently Used" iPads

The drawback is that this credit can only be used in Microsoft stores.

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  1. This seemed like a good deal, but then I remembered how overpriced iPads are to begin with, meaning you could probably sell them through eBay or other online retailers for more.
  2. Used apple products sell way better on eBay. If they have any good property, its they maintaining their price well over time.
  3. Nice... Problem is an Ipad costs a lot more than 200$, I understand that is the minimum, but still. Still wondering if temash is coming in surface, would be awesome if it did.
  4. while it's certainly nice value, especially for say ipad 2...

    let's see, what can I spend $200 or so of microsoft credit for? Surface RT? no thanks, Surface pro and it's 2hr battery life? nope. Failbox one? nah. xbox 360? already own one (actually, 2nd one. thanks Microsoft for the red ring of death on my first one...) Halo games? over milked...

    The list goes on...
  5. not a bad idea, but the execution seems poor. you can only do the trade-in if you go a microsoft store....I've never seen a microsoft store in my life. checking the zip code thing shows there's not one conveniently close by because they don't have nearly enough of them.

    microsoft is just copying apple and google and they have a public perception problem. microsoft needs to go back to the drawing board and *innovate*.
  6. I'd trade in that ipod touch 2 I found a while back with a broken screen that actually still works. But I wouldn't ask any money :)

    /end fanboy
  7. We're certain it's a nice town, but at the moment there are no Microsoft Stores near you.

  8. So you paid $100,000 for a honda accord 10 years ago, guess what the dealer with give you for your trade in.
  9. This whole article is laced with anti-Microsoft bile, Kevin Parrish you are an utter disgrace. The news of the $200 offer is the only journalism, the rest is just seething hatred, you make me sick.
  10. I think the unspoken consequence is the most interesting: what happens to the iPads. What happens if the idea is a success and they do indeed receive a billion dollars worth of iPads. Then what? Burn them? Destroy them? I think not. Suddenly they are either giving their employees Apple products, and the employees are now using the competitor, or they sell them which is funnier yet.
  11. Well this is just a marketing gimmick. MS itself should be reminded that Surface tabs were not even useful for sucking. :P So yeah , my thumps up to myself.
  12. Sorry Microsoft, this sh!itty plan will not work because of another tech which this so called "the WORLD's largest software company" sucks at - Apps store. Not only that measly $200 cannot cover the cost of a Surface tablet. These ipad owner need to (re)buy back ALL the apps they purchased from your sh!tty/smallest apps store. Who is stupid enough to do that? This $200 is an insult to any ipad owner.

    MS (again, the largest software company on planet EARTH) should wonder why most PC users buy digital media like (music and video) from iTune (Apple, a HARDWARE company) and (games) on Steam (Valve, a game developer). Both services are available on PC in 2003. What kind of digital distribution did MS provide around 2003?

    If MS have a brain, they should offer $200 to anyone has a DEAD ipad/andriod tablet. So it can made them easier to switch.
  13. A used ipad 4 can get nearly $500 on ebay.

    Also who would want window store credit anyway. 90% of the paid apps on the windows store, have free alternatives on iOS and android.

    Windows rt is useless

    and the ones that run the desktop version of windows are overpriced (cost more than laptops, while having crappy screens and no expandability).

    They are also ruining any value of the OS. eg nagware to get you to pay $10 a month to use microsoft office (home version). They are trying to sell overpriced tablets, then implement overpriced macro transactions for continued normal use of the tablet, and they wonder why the the surface RT is such a failure and the surface pro is still not doing too well.
  14. this is why you just buy an android pad and not have to deal with apples bullshit prices and expensive apps and microsofts lacking app store. With android you get a faster device that costs less money and cheaper or free apps. Case Closed.
  15. IMHO MS itself knows this is a fail campaign ( like its recent products , staff and higher authorities ) I believe Tim should either turn a deaf ear to this , or respond by offering a locked iPhone 5/5C/5S in trade for a "gently" used Surface crap. Also the one or two mad guys who trade up for 200$ should also be offered some salt , and maybe a bit of advice , to either get an Android Tab , or an iPad.
  16. CommentariesAnd More said:
    IMHO MS itself knows this is a fail campaign ( like its recent products , staff and higher authorities ) I believe Tim should either turn a deaf ear to this , or respond by offering a locked iPhone 5/5C/5S in trade for a "gently" used Surface crap. Also the one or two mad guys who trade up for 200$ should also be offered some salt , and maybe a bit of advice , to either get an Android Tab , or an iPad.

    Offering a similar trade ins of Surface items for iDevices would probably be a good idea Simply put, they are a superior device for some peoples' needs, and it would be ideal if those people ended up with them.

    Also, your advice is... Problematic. Simply put, if you want word, excel, and powerpoint editing utility and multitasking actually matters to you, the Surface is generally a far superior device to any Android or iOS device. That's a good number of people. And the App store... I know for a fact most people are operating on almost year old information - it's a *lot* more complete than it was than when I first tried Windows 8.

    In all honesty, have you tried a Surface recently? I doubt it, based on what you're saying.
  17. Back in my day they called Apps Programs, and there are a lot more programs available on Windows 8 tablets than every app store on the planet.
  18. Funny to hear about people complaining about the app strore, I have a windows 8 x86 tablet from samsung, and it runs all the app store apps, plus all the windows 7 apps just fine. I have the full version of office, and play LoL, steam, and can run Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro it even comes with a presure sensitive stylus, last time I checked an I pad wasent able to do this. If people want to complain about the lack of apps on win tablets, it only works on the RT model, I can do a lot more with the pro version.
  19. @Khimera2000 : This is not about how good your Surface pro tablet. This is about Microsoft try to trick/fool iPad users to surrender their perfectly working iPad for something not much better.

    Example: Will you switch to an iMac if Apple give you $200 to trade-in your Desktop PC (which you already bought many software like Office, Photoshop, games... for it).
  20. Why cant microsoft just concentrate on making a better OS with less flaws and bugs and security holes and bringing the price down? Why do they think that their 90% market share in the OS department suddenly puts them at risk for going out of business if they dont mimic apple's shitty devices at every turn? I remember when windows cost under 100 bucks and had things like "windows 98 Plus!"... why cant we go back to that? Why cant we make the pc fun again direct from the factory instead of having to download our own themes and backgrounds etc etc etc? Instead microsoft is herding us like cattle towards their idea of the future with this unified interface.... which sucks if you use something called a MOUSE!
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