Slight flickering when selecting in BIOS and random FPS loss in games (Windows 7)

For the past 2 weeks I've noticed in my BIOS It flickers slightly around the selections I make when I press the arrow keys. Also while in my OS I get some slight trailing when I drag certain things like the rectangle selection box. It became less noticeable when I overclocked my CPU, but if I'm in Safe Mode it is still very noticeable. I'm not sure if the issue is related to my random spikes of frame loss in games, but those two issues both persisted before and after my hardware updates with my mobo and ram sticks.

My MOBO and RAM are less than a week old. The problem existed long before the replacement.

I'm confident it isn't my GPU because it has exactly the same issue when I switch to my onboard GPU.

I reformatted my HDD and reinstalled OS with a factory disk, ran Disk Check and found no bad sectors with that and SeaTools DOS. I also tried 2 different sets of SATA cables.

My CPU is overclocked from 3100-3600mhz, and voltage from 1.275 to 1.375 and runs a cool 28C and never even passes 50C while gaming so I believe it's pretty stable. The issue still exists when underclocked, but I haven't completely ruled it out.

Can a bad LCD monitor or VGA or DVI cable connection cause this? Or if it was my PSU is there anything I can check to confirm it without having to go and buy a new one?

Win7 home premium 64bit
Athlon II x4 645 - 3600mhz
ASRock n68c-gs fx
Sapphire HD 6770 - 920/1300
HyperX 8gb DDR3 1600
Xigmatek nrp-pc602 600w
Seagate 1TB HDD
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  1. Can you get your hands on a different PSU just to try? Your PSU is 600 peak, about 500 continuous and the power is plit down 2 rails (30 Amps on one and only 22 on the other)
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