Noob: Need some pro help

I want to overclock my i7 3770k to the 4.0's
I have a closed liquid cooling, Corsair H60.
My motherboard is a MSI Z77A GD65 Gaming
If you have a Skype, feel free to add me; "asdfghjklgs"
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  1. OK so what kind of help do you need exactly?
  2. ssimpss said:
    OK so what kind of help do you need exactly?

    How do I know when to stop
    Change the voltage
    Program to use
  3. OK yeah glad you said you were a noob. OK here is basically how you over clock a CPU its not like over clocking a GPU unless you have a ASUS ROG Rampage IV Extreme motherboard you have to do all the work in the bios. WARNING ***MESSING AROUND IN THE BIOS CAN AND HAS KILLED PC'S *** But because you are in the bios you don't have all the advantages of youtube and the web so if you can get at a laptop or spare PC while you are doing this you will find it much easer. Now I know this sounds scary and the first time can be but the 3770K can easily be over clocked to 4.5Ghz but first go on youtube and around the web and ask how to over clock your CPU once you have done that go into the bios DO NOT change any setting just become familiar with your bios. Then when you feel ready try it for your self up the clock speed by a 100Hz or so up the voltage by .01 or .02 and before you know it your there. Once you have done that try it with the RAM if your motherboard will support RAM at a higher speed ect ect and before you know it you will be an expert on overclocking.
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