Intel Core i5 4570 good enough for gaming?

Hey guys im building a new pc as a budget project and i was wondering if the cpu above can run games and other tasks such as uploading youtube videos? I have a 1000 budget on my hands just in case you were wondering. I should add that i will be running upcoming games such as Bf4, Watch dogs, Assassin's Creed 4, GTA 5 etc...
I await your replies.
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  1. It can yes would be fine, but for money being spent, if you have another $30 go for the 4670K, will keep you happy much longer
  2. i have the i5 4570 paired with a EVGA gtx 960 2gb. and honestly i love this little computer . it screams for the money i have in it . if you can get the i5 4690k and a z87 motherboard i would go with that so you can overclock and get the most out of your money.
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