Black screen after cmos clearing and CPU pin socket operation,


I changed my Cooling compound and what was going to be a 5 minute job turned out to be a all nighter.
My Specs:
I5 2500k Intel CPU
Z77 mpower motherboard
Nvidia geforce 560 GTX
Windows 7 64 bit

What did i do?
After refreshing The compound, The led indicators on my mobo indicated a fail on The second CPU power up. I checked The CPU socket and horribly discovered that i bent a couple of The pins. I operated on my CPU pins for 2 Hours when i finally succeeded. I then stuffed back all my gear and came to find out that it does boot but neighter my mouse or keyboard lights up or anything appears on 1 of my 2 monitors. I connected all gear properly but i cant seem to find The problem.

Anybody had this karma issue???

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds bad. Contacts on the CPU or pins on the socket? Or both? Why did you feel you had to remove the CPU to clean/replace the thermal compound?
  2. pins on the socket, my cpu doesn't have what you can call pins.
    but i dont think that is the problem because my light indicators on my mobo indicate all 10 stages of boot.
    also i think it starts booting because when i turn it on and i press the switch once to turn it off it doesn't turn of with 1 click.
    i just cant be 100% because i have 2 black screens and no onboard vga on my mobo.
  3. never mind i found it, for some reason i broke the whole pin on my mobo socket.
    i think these pictures will show you that: and as far as i know this 1 is essentiel and causes my pc to fail.

    (how they should be):

    (what they are):

    so does anybody know how i can send my mobo back to RMA point in the netherlands?
    which is not a retail shop
  4. Most MB manufacturers have a disclaimer that states no warranted replacement if damage to the socket. But you may be able to contact the MB manufacturer and get them to allow an RMA to the factory or factory authorized service center in your area. Asus gave me a break when I had a damaged socket on an AMD board awhile back. They replaced my board even though they legally didn't have to. Good luck.
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