Which Graphics Card Should I Buy

Hi I am Abhi (Known as Green ViruZ)

My System Configuration

Processor - Intel i3 2120
Motherboard - asus P8H61-M-Plus2
Ram - 4 GB
Hdd - Seagate 500GB
Cpu Cooler - Cooler master Hyper TX3 evo
Smps - Zebronics 450w

i also like to buy a graphics card ,i used Photoshop CC ,illustrator,, premiere pro cc autodesk 3ds max and
i have also have pre order 2 games Need For Speed: Rivals and Watch Dogs ,,

so which Graphics card should i buy for playing it smoothly and running those software without and problem

My Budget is upto $ 200 , (not above )

waiting for help
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  1. Might look at Asus 7850, currently $190 at the Egg and a $20 rebate drops that to $170 then could look to possibly XFire in the near future, or there's also some nVidia 660s out there at $200 - sort of a tossup
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