micro sd card files show up on phone but not on computer

All my photos, music, videos are there on the card when its inserted in my cell, when I take the card out and place it in the computer to transfer them they are NOT there???
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  1. Insert the card, bring up CMD, type chkdsk X: /f/r (X is the drive letter, yours may be different)
  2. Thank you for that, however it still don't show me the items I am looking for when I insert the card into the computer. (There are PICTURES/VIDEOS on the card when in my cell, but when I go into that folder on the computer it shows the folder as empty?)
    Any suggestions as where, what, who? I just want to transfer them onto the computer but very hard to when I cant locate them. THX :)
  3. Ok, it seems like the PC wont read the card, you can try another card reader, or use the USB cable of Mobile and connect it to PC, then try to transfer the files. See how it goes.
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