New gaming build, need a few tips.

Hi guys,

So here I am again for a new build, aimed 90% at gaming - mainly modern FPSs (BF3/4,COD,ARMA and others) with some websufring with often 30+ tabs open.

Here is the build I am considering after some thorough research, and my questions to you guys:

Display DELL U2412M or HPZR24W
Good IPS displays I had overseas and will most likely buy one of these two again. Used if I can.
Definitely want a 1920*1200 resolution.

CPU 3.4GHz Intel Core i5-4670K

Motherboard MSI Z87-G45 Gaming
1) This mobo looks good, and while I am looking for good quality with OCing capability, all I really need is :
4 RAM slots,
1 PCI-E 3 (do not care for SLI),
stereo audio,
2x6Gbps SATA for future SSD use.

Is there a cheaper yet decent option someone can recommend ?

Memory 8GB DDR3
2) Looking at a recent article from, I can see them highlight that DDR3-1866 or even DDR3-2133 memory do provide some improved performance. And after looking into the pricing, over here in France:
- G.Skill Extreme3 2 x 4 Go PC17000 2133 Mhz Ripjaws X CAS9 1,5V only costs 4 euros more than
- G.Skill Extreme3 2 x 4 Go PC12800 1600 Mhz ARES CAS9 1,5V
The only thing I am worried about is some comments I read about stability issues with the higher clocked memory. Is this really the case ? Or will I be OK as long as my chosen mobo supports the selected frequency ?

Graphics Card MSI GeForce GTX 770 OC - 2 Go (N770 TF 2GD5/OC) 1098 MHz, PCI-Express 16x, 2048 Mo, 7010 MHz
340 euros on offer.

PSU ThermalTake SP-530PCWEU
3) Will this PSU suffice ? I can go without a modular option to save some cash, but would prefer a quiet option. What's your input ?

CPU Cooler (UK) SilverStone Argon AR01
4) Cannot get this cooler in France for some reason ! Any quiet yet decent recommendation for my Hasweel i5 with minor OCing ?

Case Fractal Design Define R4
5) Love these cases, well built and quiet. Will the supplied fans suffice with my setup though ?

Optical drive

Storage (HDD) 1TB SATA 3Gbps

Appreciate your input.
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  1. Ditch all the MSI stuff for Gigabyte,ASUS or EVGA. For the 1TB HDD a Seagate Barracuda, WD Black or vlociraptor if you have the money.The PSU Iwould get a XFX Seansonic or Corsair PSU Termaltake are some of the worst on the market and make sure you get an aftermarket cooler for the CPU and as for the RAM remember that 1600 can be overclocked to 2400 so long as the motherboard can support it. Happy building
  2. Ok so I have ordered the GTX 770 OC as it was on an offer finishing today !

    I am still having issues deciding on my PSU though...

    I want to be able to use two GTXs 770 eventually if I want to in the future, be able to add a soundcard a SSD and a second HDD.

    I do not mind a non modular option but would like something that is not TOO noisy and relatively reliable.

    From what I have read I need to be looking at a 750W PSU.
    But from what I have looked at:
    - the Seasonic X-750 costs 170 euros
    - the XFX ProSeries costs 145 euros
    - the Corsair CX750M 80PLUS Bronze costs 92 euros

    The top two picks are gold rated but are rather pricey.
    XFX seems to have a pretty bad customer support feedback.
    The corsair is only bronze, and the modular model of this range is only 4 euros more than the non modular. But is this a decent PSU ?
    Any other appropriate suggestions ?
  3. I find that modular PSU's are just more useful especially when going for multi-GPUs. As to the rating basically a gold PSU gives out less heat and is supposed to have tighter voltage regulation which means they are meant to run quieter. Though it can be a bit hit and miss from brand to brand and even from one PSU to the next. If I had to chose a brand from my own experience Corsair I guess would be the best mainly as I have never personally had a problem with their PSU's though I would say that for two 770 and an unlocked CPU I would be looking at 800w just to be on the safe side though 750w would be OK so long as you don't OC everything.
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