Having problems after waking up from sleep mode

Having problems waking up from sleep mode. Computer turns on but cant open programs properly. Instead of running the program it displays the "properties" of it. Tried turning off hybrid sleep thinking that would help. Any suggestions? OS is on a Samsung SSD.
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  1. Using sleep mode when your OS is on an SSD is somewhat pointless, and some would even say harmful (to the SSD).
  2. Phillip Corcoran said:
    Using sleep mode when your OS is on an SSD is somewhat pointless, and some would even say harmful (to the SSD).

    So just do a complete shutdown? Or leave it on constant?
  3. An SSD boots up extremely fast to the point where sleep mode isn't useful. I would say it is harmful to the SSD given that the current sleep configurations for all OS' are tailored to traditional spindle hard drives and so the SSD usually will have problems accessing data after it has been put to sleep and reawakened. This would, of course, be fixed by rebooting your machine.
  4. If I had my OS on an SSD, I would just turn off the monitor (with the monitor on/off button) between sessions througout the day, then shut down before retiring to bed for the night.
  5. Why would an SSD make sleep mode useless? I, in fact, need it because I often have unfinished work open, and I need a reliable way to save power and still work on the same things the next day. It had always worked fine before , 100% reliable, even with a Revodrive 3 PCI drive, but i started getting trouble when I bought a Samsung SSD EVO 840. The drive itself though, is NOT the issue here as far as i found out now...

    If anyone has this issue with an SSD, the screen not coming back after sleep mode but the computer seems to be working fine in the background, and you have installed Samsung Magician, please get rid of it!

    I've received this 'magical' piece of software with my EVO 840 SSD and never suspected it before I actually saw an error on the screen after resuming from sleep mode within a few seconds. It is ridiculous of Samsung to ship this piece of crap software with their drives since it's been known that it can cause this behavior.

    Hope this can help people, it has cost me many hours of troubleshooting, I even re-installed windows 7 and thought the problem was gone, but of course it started again after I installed Magician, thats why I got suspicious!
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