Volvo Let a Hamster Steer One of Its Trucks

Volvo demonstrates easy handling of its Dynamic Steering system.

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  1. That's Volvo for ya.
  2. When I read the title, I thought they were referring to Richard Hammond from Top Gear UK
  3. I miss my volvo...although a hamster couldn't steer my S60 R.
  4. It's all fun and games until the hamster decides he's had enough of the carrot and fancies some nuts instead.
  5. This hamster driver is better then some others he need a big reward cheer for him .
  6. "Call ASPCA!"

  7. Hamsters: The solution for Asian Drivers
  8. Just one more reason ending up in an accident should be a criminal act.
  9. "Volvo fitted the steering wheel with a special hamster wheel"

    I'm pretty sure that it's a pedestal fan cover with a piece of plastic on it.
  10. In other news The International Hamster Drivers Union wants the ad removed as it makes all hamsters out to be bad drivers. The US government has already commented on suspending the licenses of 1200 hamster truck drivers.
  11. when are we getting hamster-powered trucks?
  12. Go Charlie ! He deserves another carrot or two.

    The little guy seems to be running the entire way up that hill on the steering wheel.
    They should have had sensors to show many foot / feet steps he took to traverse that distance.

    Then the Hamster Union can use it to show: cruel and unusual labor without just compensation ! ha
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