Purchasing New Wireless Headphones, Need Help!

I am currently in the market for headphones that I can use for my PC and my iPhone. The headset needs to be wireless as that is the reason for the switch and I would like it if the headphones had a hidden microphone so that I could potentially answer calls on my phone or chat online in games. One thing I DO NOT WANT are headphones with that gaudy microphone right in your face. There really isn't any specific budget, but I would prefer the headset to be under $350. So basically in a nutshell I'm looking for a gaming/music headphones that I can play games with at home and walk around with. Here are some potential candidates that I have found, but are not perfect:

Parrot Zik - $310 - Mainly Music Cans
Wireless Gaming - Partial (claims to work with some Bluetooth dongles, but has 180ms delay which would be terrible for gaming)
Wireless iPhone - Check
Hidden Mic - Check

Pulse Elite Edition - $150 - Mainly Gaming Cans
Wireless Gaming - Check (with surround sound)
Wireless iPhone - Partial (needs to be wired unless you charge the dongle and connect to iPhone)
Hidden Mic - Check

If you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
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  1. AKG K 830 BT http://us.akg.com/akg-product-detail_us/k-830-bt.html

    More music based but has a microphone on the headphones, not sure though whether the microphone would work with PC unfortunately.
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