Is my power supply compatible with a Foxconn 2AA9 motherboard?

Is my mobo compatible with a Corsair 600W CX V2 Builder Series, ATX 80 Plus Bronze power supply?
I don't know if it is and im afraid to buy it.
I was also looking at an LC-Power 600W, 6600GP V2.3 Silent Giant Green black, ATX.
I dont know which one is better and if they are compatible with the mobo.
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  1. The corsair CX will be compatible with that motherboard, it is somewhat of an overkill but that is a very solid power supply. Corsair has a really good name for their power supply's, just a little side note if you ever plan on buying a haswell processor and motherboard in the future this power supply will not be fully compatible with it. only cx 750watt psu's have been haswell certified but for the moment and for this board 100% yes
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