Mini ITX Gaming Build - Compatibility Issues and Questions

Hey everyone!

This is my first build, so I'm getting a little confused. Here's my parts list.

1. Do I need the 700W power supply? I chose it because of my video card, but will 650W do?

2. Thinking heat would be an issue, I added some extra fans. I then realized my motherboard only has one 4 pin connect for the fans and my fans have 3 pin connectors. I couldn't find a splitter that went from 4 pin to 3 pin. I want to support 4 fans, but i don't know if that's possible. Any suggestions?

3. I think everything will fit, but if anyone has experience with this case could they confirm that.

4. Any suggestions or concerns?

Thanks for all your help.
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  1. 1. Don't look at wattage when buying a psu look at the amperage on the 12V line. A gtx 760 requires 30A on the 12V line. You can achieve that with Corsair 430W if you wanted to. For a little more leg room a 500W would be plenty.

    2. I've got around 9 fans in my case and none of them are attached to the motherboard (except for cpu fan) and I'm blanking at what I used to connect them all. You can use 4 PIN Adapter TO 3 PIN Fan Adapter

    3. It'll fit

    4. Enjoy
  2. Thanks for the help! Alas, I can't believe I forgot about checking the required amperage, and I even took physics! Shame on me. haha. Good suggestion for the fans. I think I'll use the 4pin to 3pin adapter with a 3 pin splitter attached to it. That would allow me to connect all my fans to the motherboard, which if i'm thinking correctly, should automatically adjust the speed. I could connect them straight to the PSU, but then I would need an adapter to control the speed. Anyway, i think either solution will work. Thanks again.
  3. No need for 16gb of ram in games. 8gb is plenty:

    For an extra $10, this cpu cooler will do a better job:

    No need for 700w. Even this will do fine, at a much cheaper price:

    Heating shouldn't be a huge issue, you just won't get as much airflow and won't be able to overclock as well. Adding extra fans won't do much because it will only try to increase the airflow, but since the case is so compact on the inside that the air will be blocked by other things before it reaches the cpu.
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