LEPA Reveals a Trio of New PSU Series

Lepa has announced three new series of power supplies.

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  1. Quote:
    ... LEPA's GM-MaxGold series will come in versions ranging from 450 W to 1000 W, though they will feature up to 88 percent efficiency. They possess the same cabling, fan, and 12 V rail design as the GM-MaxGold, but there was no mention of Haswell compatibility.

    If you navigate to LEPA's web page for the MaxGold Series it definitely states "Intel Haswell Support by DC-DC".

    The MaxBron Series also states Intel Haswell Support.

    Both the GM-MaxGold and MaxBron Series use Guangdong Yue-Lin Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. as the OEM. It appears that this is the first time that they've used this particular OEM.

    The MX F1 Series doesn't claim any Haswell support. The 450/550/650 Watt models made by CWT appear to be 200-240VAC input only. The 350/400/500/600 Watt models are 115/230VAC input.

    They are available on so availability is right now and pricing is also shown.
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