Three UK Details 4G LTE Roll Out Roadmap

Three doesn't have any 4G coverage yet, but here's where it will roll out when it does finally launch in December.

Three UK Details 4G LTE Roll Out Roadmap : Read more
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  1. I really feel like Americans get shafted on pricing for everything. CAPITALISM FOR THE WIN
  2. Really? The U.S. for being a substantially much larger country has a fairly respectable LTE rollout, and we don't pay anything more for "4G" either, and all our carriers offer 4G.

    And seriously if you dislike capitalism you're living in the wrong city/state. Capitalism works well here: one of the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S. and the state is in the black consistently. Chase of South Jordan
  3. That's not true, in the US most companies are charging more for LTE and have got ridden unlimited data. The exception is sprint.
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