AMD Radeon HD 7750 2GB

Hey guys , Planning to purchase a Sapphire radeon 7750 2gb ddr3 but I just have a questions if it will work on my PC
Here are my PC SPECS
Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00GHz
2GB DDR2 800 MHz
PSU UNIT 500W+ ( or 550 )
Nvidia 8600 GT 512mb DDR2 ( Want radeon 7750 )
MOBO : Intel dg31pr 16x lane
Monitor/Resolution : LG Flatron W1934s 1440x900
Will it work on my Intel dg31pr and will it fit inside my PC , is the powersupply enough , I want to increase the gaming performance and atleast be able to play BO2 on 60+ FPS full settings , BF3 on med or high with 30+ FPS and DayZ on low/medium no AA with 25+ FPS 20+ In cities.
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  1. The 7750 MIGHT do BF3 on med, not high. Not sure if your CPU will bottleneck you online though. You might be ok at the resolution your at, but don't expect miracles from a <$100 card.

    I would also look for the 7750 1GB DDR5. The 2GB isn't needed unless you are doing multi-monitor super hi res, which that card can't handle, but the DDR5 is way faster than the DDR3 version.
  2. for your res I wouldn't go any higher then Great video card on sale atm should your games on high and probably as high as you should go with the core 2 duo I've recommend this card for other core 2 duo people on forum they have said it works great for them
  3. I would also upgrade your ram to 4-8gigs a lot of games that you play are ram hogs
  4. Im on a 700 DHS budget , with that im getting 7750 and 4gigs of ram
  5. That's about 190 bucks over here but I know stuff over there can be a lot more than here, Yeah the 7750 or a 7770 depending on the price so I guess whatever you can snag for cheaper and the 7750 you probably can run mid to high settings. you might want to refeer over to this graph that was made on this website a while ago. It should answer any questions you have about fps and settings,3135-6.html
  6. I can buy the 7770 , but then i wont have enough for a ram .. Maybe i will but then I also want to get a NEW HDD 7200 RPM , i have 250 GB 7200 RPM , I wanna get 1TB or 500+ 7200RPM
  7. Yeah I would maybe you know just maybe save up a little bit more because if you look at the benchmarks you do see a difference from the 7750 and 7770 just my opinion but that is what I would do
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