Is this a good OC for my i7 870 to lower bottlenecking?

I was wondering if this was a good OC and settings for my i7 870. I don't have screenshots as I am at work but was just wondering if there are things to change or if it is fine as is.

Stock Settings:
CPU: i7 870 (2.93GHZ with boost to 3.2 - stock rated)
CPU Cooler: Zalman 90CC 120MM (I believe but a aftermarket one)
RAM: G.SKILL ECO Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) 7-7-7-24-2N
GPU: GTX 760
BCLK: 133
Multiplier is unlocked in BIOS so instead of 22x it is set at 24x then boost kicks up to 27x so it runs at 3.2 already then the boost is up to 3.5.

As of now, stable for a week, even under prime and intel burn test. Temps go up to around 70 using intel burn and 66 using prime. Ran prime for 45mins one day and maybe hit 70. I just re did my thermal paste and fixed some cable management and added a extra fan behind the hdd ports to blow air on the cooler/mb.

My BCLK on my mb maxes out at 168 for stability, and my multiplier only goes up to 24x. I have it setup for 157blck with a multi of 24x giving the CPU 3.768GHZ, voltage is 1.260V. I also have all power savings enable (so it goes down to 9x when idling), boost enable (have to have enable to get the 24x), load line cal enable, spread spec disabled. Since the turbo boost is enable, clocks speed goes up to 4.239GHZ (27x). It hasn't BSOD, running bf3, bf2, far crys, l4d2 and I see the turbo kicks in as well, when monitoring temps, I see around a max of 60 on the cores but mainly 55ish. When idling, cores are around 25-30C (for some reason, my main cpu temp doesn't read anymore unless in BIOS) which hovers around 33-34, so Im assuming it gets into the 40-50s which is still ok. My ram is backed down to a 8x to give it 1256MHZ and timings are 6-6-6-20-2N (won't go any lower, fails to boot).

CPU: 1.260V
QTT: 1.29V (Stock is 1.1)
DRAM: Set to 1.5V (Ram is rated from 1.35V-1.5V)
Other are stock PCH and the other one (Can't think of)
Rest are set to auto.

Is there anything to change or look at differently. The reason to leave turbo boost enable is because if not I can only use 22x (23 or 24 wont stick, dont know the logic behind that). Is this a good OC?

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  1. Looks fine, should OC higher, but will probably take some playing, might check some 870 OC guides
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