WD my passport is Recognized but doesn't appear into My Computer.. It is Unknown and Not intialized.?

My friend here in Japan borrowed my WD passport and she plugged it into their flat screen TV for she would like to watch movies and I think she accidentally formatted it because she told me she haven't got to watch any movie just a loading icon and some phrases that's written in Japanese and she's not capable of reading it.

Now, as I plug it back into my laptop It was recognized but doesn't appear into "My computer". I also have tried checking it at the Disk Management and it says there, it is Unknown and Not Initialized. What should I do? Please help me. :( I'm troubled because I really need this stuff.
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  1. The heads are aggressively parked on WD Green drives, among other things, less warranty, less MTBF, etc.. which means when they're used in a RAID they will not last long.
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