No Offline Mode Despite Diablo 3 Auction House Closing

Want to play offline? Get the console version.

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  1. Shocker.
  2. never used ach to do something i have stoped playing diablo 3 because i can't do the same thing ever...
  3. I am actually surprised they are removing it. It really shouldn't have been there in the first place and March is still a long way off, but this might actually make some people come back.
  4. I am sorry but compared to borderlands 2... this game sucks and should have been on console at same time as PC... not 2 month out from PS4/XB1
  5. Oh there still making updates for this? LoL

    I can't remember the last time I played D3. Thank god I never paid for my copy. However my friend wasn't too happy about it since he bought it but I told em that I really don't care for these types of games.
  6. I may play the game again if they added controller support on the PC version. I avoided the auction house until the difficulty mode out paced the drop rate of useful items but there's no change of picking it up again without proper couch playability support
  7. A surprising move in the right direction. Still, as a huge number of players do, I feel cheated out of my money. I just want them to deliver what was expected and payed for over a year ago. It feels like they are trying to get the game into a viable state so they can sell us the expansion. No way in hell.
  8. YES! About time they fix the big problems. Three things that ruined my D3 experience
    1) Auction House. Time spent buying/selling yielded better items than farming.
    2) Item drop flood. In D1 and D2, you get excited when a rare or unique item drops. They drop too often in D3 that it doesn't feel special.
    3) No skill tree/stat attribution.

    Looks like I might actually get the expansion since Blizzard will be fixing those.
  9. It's been more than a year, and it's still $60? wft???
  10. Because of the way they did the PC release and requiring an always on internet connection I will never buy this game even on console. Blizzard has lost my money period I am not giving them a dollar for any game again. I looked forward to Diablo 3 for years but just like SimCity it was completely destroyed with there stupid DRM crap.
  11. Until this game can be played 100% offline, Blizzard does not get my money.
  12. Too bad there's still no offline mode. If they were to enable this to be played in the middle of nowhere I might purchase it, until then they are SOL.
  13. offline mode is whats stopping me from purchasing.
  14. I stopped play D3 a while before RMAH was implemented (saw the writing on the wall). Ant the fact that console version have offline and PC has no intention of such is just a slap in the face.
  15. What is Diablo III ?!?

    Oh it's that game that wanted to be so much like Torchlight ][ but failed...
  16. They can just stick "damage control" move. Offline mode or none -- they like to suck up to the console crowd but stick it to their root PC crowd, then I say f-em.
  17. "Aren't you thankful?"
  18. I was playing diablo iii from day zero until now, my only problem with the game was AH, i am satisfied with the move.
  19. My dungeon crawling needs were more than satisfied with Torchlight 2 and @ $15 it's a crime the game is so good. I just hope that whenever Warcraft 4 comes out they don't do something so shitty as to what they did with Diablo 3. That means LAN and OFFLINE Single Player.
  20. I hate how they say that the AH wasn't the driving force for required online connection then they list a bunch of reasons but never say the true reason, PIRACY. Quit being pussies and at least tell us the truth.
  21. They lost me when the uber nerf patches started to hit with 1.3 or whatever it was. They made the game too easy and AH didn't help anything anyway. Its nice to them finally admit failure but I wonder how much its due to revenue drop off in RMAH. I'll stay with Path of Exile. Its the game D3 should have been,
  22. My Comcast connection went out overnight, and I couldn't do anything with my computer this morning while eating breakfast. I couldn't even play SC2 or Diablo3. Nearly all my games now require an internet connection, so I'm stuck with Spider Solitaire until Comcast gets the cable fixed.
  23. I keep Saying the same thing over n over , Just play RIFT its gaining huge momentum bc it has always deserved to ,
  24. In other words they hope to be forgiven to sell more copies of the expansion... my guess, they will reap what they have sown with this disappointment. From extremely high sales of the main titles to very lackluster sales of the expansion and that will be telling how many peeps who left the game with a sour taste in the mouth!
  25. Ive been playing this D3 game since it came out in xbox cause I have a xbox games emulator I can use in PC that converts it to PC style playing cause you can set controls of the game might give it away on torrent sometime in Febuary also in my Google Drive the game with the emulator with the controls already fixed as diablo 2 controls I'll post it in youtube in Febuary cause im out of the city this christmas
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