So just a yes or no answer, can both dvi and hdmi carry 1080p PICTURE quality? Thanks

Looking for hd tv should i use hdmi or dvi?
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  1. Both can carry 1080p easily, there is a slighty better quality on HDMI. I would go HDMI.
  2. yes. both can carry 1080p video.

    i'm not sure i agree with hdmi being better than dvi. the two are about the same.
  3. For what your doing, the only difference between HDMI and DVI is that HDMI can carry audio and DVI has a locking connector. Both will display a 1080p image just fine.
  4. ahem..

    dvi is capable of carrying audio as well provided your video card supports it.

    honestly which you pick depends on what you are hooking up. if you have a monitor with dvi then use dvi. if you have a tv with hdmi use hdmi. you could use dvi->hdmi cable but there really isnt any point to that. if you have a monitor with both connectors and a video card with both connections i would use dvi for the locking connector.. but its completely up to you.
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