HP DV9700 Motherboard problem

I have Laptop HP DV9700. When I turn it on the touch buttons go blue and after 2-3 seconds laptop is restarting from his self and the buttons go blue again and again after 2-3 secs he restarts and so on until I take the cable off.

I think is from the motherboard but can you guys tell me eventually where to look in the motherboard and can i fix it ?
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  1. There is no fix it yourself for the dv9000 series laptops, hp recently had a lawsuit filed against them because thousands of people had their laptops have the same issue. The issue its self is the bga solider on the video card. currently the only way to fix this is to have someone professionally do a bga re balling or re flow. Sorry but you could buy a used motherboard online for your laptop but you probably would have the same issue down the road in the near future if you did. The professional method would cost you about as much as a new laptop
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