Hey guys, I want to build my first computer and my budget will be about $725(I live in NJ so NewEgg has to tax me). Can you cr

First build need help with parts.
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  1. First, have you gone to pcpartpicker.com? You can search through products and it'll automatically sort the best price and give you details on if places such as Newegg have combination deals and discounts. Next, I think for help we'd need a bit more detail such as how you intend to use this PC and if there are any specific requirements you may need (i.e. extra ram for video editing, etc).
  2. I don't see any issues with the build as you present it. It looks like you've done most of your homework. Good PSU, good RAM, etc. Based on what I see, your build is around $700, so under budget is good. Of course, I didn't bother to calculate sales tax into the figures. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1FYd5

    A couple of things you may want to think about. The MB has some decent reviews, but if you're thinking overclocking and a bit more capability you could switch it out. Also, if you decide to add a second GPU, you might want to consider upgrading to the XFX 650W. Not only will it provide ample power should you decide to go with 2 GPUs, but it is also semi-modular, which will help in keeping your build clean in regards to cable management. Other than that, nothing bad. Your GPU may run a bit hot, but nothing some creative cooling solutions can't handle. Here is a second price with upgraded MB and PSU, and that would bring the total to about $740.

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