Virtual xp machine on windows 7?

Hi, I installed windows xp machine on my desktop it works fine , but i need it on my laptop . I tryed it on like 5 other laptops but alwais after it's done installing i cant find where did it install or the folder it was installed in. I didint have this problem on my desktop;plz help me cauz i need windows xp for my study and i can only install windows 7 on my laptop.
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  1. I think you didint understand my problem, after installing windows xp mode i dont find the icon to run it just like in this picture
  2. Should be from the Start > All Programs > Windows Virtual PC

    Make sure it installed properly.
  3. Nop it's not there
    and i reinstalled it many times but still nothing :C
  4. What version of Windows are you running?

    Virtual mode is only available in Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate.

    Towards the bottom of this link you'll see the things you need

    If for some reason you can't get it installed at all that way, try running another virtual box, some are free, although they may run a bit slower.
    Oracle has one I have used before
  5. Thank you hang-the-9 , i m running windows 7 ultimate the same as my desktop that windows mode works fine on it. I m trying vmware now hopefully it ll work fine
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