HP Unveils Envy 17 with Integrated Leap Motion Technology

HP has integrated the $80 peripheral into its newest Envy laptop.

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  1. Well it seems this will avoid fingerprints on the screen.
    I am glad Leap made deals to become a component.
    I remember the 120MB superdrive took too long to negotiate and held out for too much money, so they missed the window and users missed out on the floptical tech. I of course have some vintage units with those drives.
  2. I have the leap motion controller. The device has one fatal flaw. There is no way it can predict where your fingers will be in distance from the device constently. What I mean is clicking is determined by the device judging the distance of your fingers in respect to the device and we humans aren't steady creatures and the focus point changes as your hand waves around. You can do it if you work at it but it quickly grows tiresome and not as quick and elegant as just using a plain old mouse.
  3. I meant "consistently" but also failed to mention my other major issue. The software that controls windows is not part of the default application or driver of the device. You are forced to register and connect to the leapmotion website which then checks your device, downloads and installs software and allows you to download and install their apps free/or pay for. You have to download the OS control software and then open it through the leapmotion store interface for it to work, EVERYTIME. They are imitating itunes in a way and treating the device as a portal to their store and not as a true controller like a keyboard or a mouse. Imagine having to connect to the Logitech store everytime you wanted to use your mouse. Exactly.
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