We're Giving Away a Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Ultrabook

Enter to win a Lenovo ThinkPad Twist S230u Convertible Ultrabook

We're Giving Away a Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Ultrabook : Read more
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  1. Well I don't agree to be placed on a spam email list to sign up for this giveaway. Looks like I'll pass on this one.
  2. there is a problem with the zip code field, all starting 0s get automatically removed.
  3. Requires signing up for spam; no thanks, not ever.
  4. BEWARE. The first line of the agreement is: I agree to receive email from Survey Sampling...

    Just a Spam posting.
  5. I was quite interested in this little booger til I saw the survey bull crap. This PC would come in handy for my small business needs. BUT that is just stupid.
  6. Well I just so happened to have an email address that I use specifically for spam mail... about the only good use of yahoo email anymore LOL! So I signed up and yahoo can eat the spam.
  7. Why are you guys always excluding Peter Griffin from these giveaways? :(
  8. You know tom does these give-away's every month, but do we ever hear about the winners? My brother used to work with a boss who set up a jar in the front desk. If you put your business card in it you can win a free 2 week vacation. He would change it up every other month, but no one wins it OR he picks someone that knows they will bring more business to them. I hate contests and there's so many scams now too.
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